17 Ağustos 2014 Pazar

Eve’s Recipe for success

  1. Having recently red Hollywood Drive: What it Takes to Break in, Hang in & Make it in the Entertainment Industry by Eve Light Honthaner, I just wanted to share the author's recipe for success. The book is highly recommended for anyone outside of the film business looking to break in or who wants to switch their careers within the film industry. 

  1. a sincere love of the business
  2. one positive attitude
  3. one winning personality
  4. an array of well-developed people skills
  5. one large network, along with a vast collection of solid industry relationships
  6. endless reserves of energy
  7. huge portions of assertiveness and chutzpa
  8. a touch of humility
  9. heaps of inspiration and creativity
  10. a plethora of determination
  11. a willingness to start at the bottom and pay your dues
  12. an abundance of hard work mixed together with a “can do” philosophy
  13. an impressive knowledge of the business, blended thoroughly with an assortment of well-informed opinions
  14. the desire to keep learning and to give more than what’s expected
  15. the time to have fun and make new friends
  16. at least one unique quality that sets you apart from the crowd
  17. one foot capable of getting into multiple doors
  18. an ability to do well on interviews
  19. a workable plan to get you where you want to go
  20. the conviction that you’re in it for the long haul
  21. the patience and tenacity to get there
  22. enough savings or an alternate source of income to get you through the lean times
  23. oodles of confidence, motivation and self-esteem
  24. the intuitiveness to anticipate the needs and tastes of others and to remain a step ahead
  25. the talent to deliver a great pitch
  26. one teflon coat
  27. ten gallons of shark repellent to ward off all overinflated egos, nasty tempers, annoying back-stabbers and sleazeballs
  28. liberal amounts of schmoozing
  29. the time and effort to keep up contacts
  30. the support and recommendation of others
  31. one sense of humor
  32. at least one helpful and inspiring mentor
  33. the belief that in spite of all the competition, rejection, insecurity, uncertainty, nepotism and politics -- you will work again, sell a project or get a good role
  34. one stellar reputation
  35. generous dashes of passion and excitement
  36. a huge sense of pride and accomplishment for having made it this far!

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