24 Nisan 2011 Pazar


It is nice to realize that I can log in to my blog again and write whatever I want. The last couple of weeks have been both exciting and sometimes depressing. As usual, I am reading a lot of stuff for my thesis but when it comes to writing, the process becomes very difficult. The Film Festival is now over and it was nice to see a bunch of good films as well as some old friends from high school.
I think the best part of the Film Festival was the conversation with Derviş Zaim which was held in Aksanat. You can see an extract from this link.
As for my projects, I am trying to develop two fiction films but my biggest fear is to let them go before they have been incubated long enough. I think this is something that I usually do, I start discouraging myself about how bad my ideas are and in the end, the projects dies, unrealized.
In that sense, I think it would be nice to share in this blog, an article from the good, old Mackendrick about the techniques for having ideas. But most importantly, how to keep them alive?

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