10 Kasım 2009 Salı

Filmmaking Has No Boundaries

"Telling stories, communicating through images is what this profession is about. Today the film industry is a global sector and filmmaking has no boundaries. A project may launch in France, the pre- production part may be done in Italy, the production may be handled in Middle East and post - production in England. Within the international working environment I think it is crucial for any young filmmaker to have advanced social skills. I believe studying at the University of **** will provide with an invaluable social experience: to work, collaborate and create with people from different backgrounds who share the same passion for films and filmmaking."

That's what I wrote in my letter of intent last year for my application for graduate degrees. And finally, I am experiencing what I said. A friend of mine from Turkey is about to finish his graduate degree in England, Westminster Film School and he just completed the principal photography of his thesis project in London. He is still there fighting to get a decent post - production company to get the timings and gradings of his picture and I am sitting in my room at Sabanci University, editing his thesis project. It is incredible how technology evolved and became what it became today. It is just extraordinary. I am just editing a short film that was shot by a Turkish director with British actors and actresses and with a British team. I mean of course, we knew that from big productions of Hollywood that we were led to a work flow without the boundaries of space and time but I never imagined that I could be a part of a film project just sitting in my room. If I am lucky and if I am good at what I am doing (first of all you have to know what you are doing, right!) in the future, I may even edit the new film of Tom Cruise that was just shot in L.A. which has to go all over the World within the virtual space to complete the post - production. The future is full of opportunities and it is a god damn fair play!

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